A Day in the life of an ELE, by Carol Pope

28 September 2018

On a sunny afternoon last Wednesday, Megan and I took a road trip to Blackpool. After spotting the tower in the background, we arrived at Unity Academy to deliver a Twilight on the Preparing for Literacy guidance report. There were about 80 delegates, mostly from Early Years settings. Few had had an opportunity to look at the report. After an introduction to the report, exploring some of the research that underpins it, there was a chance to study it in more detail through a study group activity. Each group then had the opportunity to feed back their initial thoughts, ideas and impressions. Below are some of the things that immediately struck the group as important:

·         The need to think about how well a phonics scheme alone covers all aspects of reading – we need to attend to language comprehension too,

·         Use interventions that work for your children – make sure you know they work

·         Interventions can have a negative impact when not delivered correctly – thought provoking

·         The use of specialist services to remove barriers to children’s learning is important

·         Know what children can do as well as what they can’t – build on strengths

·         Consider all aspects of writing and how to motivate for writing

·         Ensure concepts of print are embedded

·         Talk with, not to, children

·         Make sure you understand the needs of parents, as well as children

·         Make learning explicit, use clear structure and have a specific outcome in mind

There was great discussion and people went away with a greater knowledge and understanding of the guidance and some thoughts on where to go next. It will be exciting to see what happens in Blackpool!

Posted on 28 September 2018
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