ZZZZs to AAAss – does sleeping help children to learn vocabulary?

8 February 2018

From zzzs to AAAs!

Are you interested in how we learn new vocabulary? Do you want to educate your pupils on the importance of sleep? Researchers at the University of York are looking for schools in Yorkshire or Bristol/Bath areas to join the ‘zzzs to AAAs’ study.

The study looks at children’s word learning in relation to comprehension ability, as children with comprehension difficulties typically show poorer retention of new words. Taking part involves reading assessments with whole classes (School Years 4-7 eligible), with some short follow-up sessions for 5-10 children per class.

A subset of children ranging in comprehension ability will be invited to take part in the word learning study, in which they will learn new vocabulary and test their memory across periods of wake and sleep. This is because we know that sleep is important for strengthening new word memories for longer term retention.

We are able to release standardised assessment scores back to the school to help with ongoing lesson planning, and offer workshops on science and/or sleep education in return. For more details and to discuss how we can work together on the project, please get in touch with Emma James (elj504@york.ac.uk; 01904 322953).



Posted on 8 February 2018
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