What does it mean to deliver training that works, has impact and leaves long lasting impact on outcomes for children?

9 February 2018

A colleague of mine was recently asked to “just do an hour in our INSET day, just on something about writing”. With some reservations, she planned and delivered an interactive session about the KS1 and 2 writing exemplifications. She felt it was timely (the materials were new), interactive (just what would be needed towards the end of half term), and punchy with clear implications for teaching for every teacher that could be acted upon quickly. The response she got from the session was distinctly luke-warm. It was felt to be too challenging and not quite what they had expected. In short the teachers had expected to be entertained – but not trained.

There is the challenge. In the short space of time given to her, it really was impossible for her to be able to have a lasting impact on teaching practices. In essence, the session was a communication session, during which she disseminated key, timely information that the teachers needed to be aware of. In contrast, if we consider the EEF Implementation Guide for Schools, published today , it is clear that effective CPD that has impact outcomes for children takes time. The most effective CPD runs over several terms, building in regular opportunities for teachers to learn, apply, reflect, adapt, and develop. CPD needs to be rich in theory, strong in evidence and persistently focused on outcomes for children.

So, the next time we are asked to just fill an hour at an INSET session, the answer will be no! We will probably suggest the Head Teacher shows the teachers a film, instead. That would be proper entertainment!

Posted on 9 February 2018
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