Evidence into Practice – Developing writers

19 February 2018

Strand 6 of the EEF Guidance Report for developing literacy in KS1 highlights the importance of promoting fluent transcription skills. This involves the explicit teaching of handwriting and spelling skills. In our next video series, the KS1 teachers at Peover Superior Primary School share how they organise their teaching to ensure the children all develop the skills they need. Amy (YrRec/1) shares how she incorporates the teaching of spelling into her working week, and Emily (Yr2/3) explains how she builds on the strong skills the children bring from Year 1 and weaves the teaching of spelling, and handwriting into the context of her English Teaching.

Amy (Rec/1)

Emily (Year 2/3)

The next blog in the series will share some of the strategies they use to make sure the spellings stick!

Posted on 19 February 2018
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